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Tuesday, Sept 15, 2009
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Nothing is ever lost

Finding a good home for Heather's possessions

Heather had a lot of nice things when she passed away and also a lot of good friends. We want to find a good home for everything wonderful that she owned, including

  • lots of nice clothing
  • lots of nice shoes
  • other furniture (including IKEA storage unit, closet storage devices)
  • lots of kitchenware and canned food
  • some jewelry
  • lots of knick-knacks and keep-sakes

I (Bruce) have created this web page (and associated wiki) with photos and places for public comments to help match up Heather's possessions with people. The guiding principle in the distribution will be "to each according to her needs".

Leslie and Bill will help see that everything finds a good home.

Since I am moving to a smaller apartment,
all the big or bulky things need to find a home by Sept 30.

If you or someone you know might like any of these items,
please leave a comment on this wiki page
(in the "threads" section at the bottom)
or contact me directly by email:

Please see the wiki page for details and photos
of these items (and to post comments)

more to come later this week ... watch this space ...

What has been spoken for?
  • Heather's bed -- Bruce is keeping
  • Heather's PC (and monitor) -- Bill
  • antique-style desk (and desk chair) -- Maria
  • dresser with 4 drawers
    -- Beth's stepdaughter Daisy
  • Heather's dressers and bookshelves
    -- Bruce is keeping
  • matching drawers and shelves -- Pony
  • kitchen countertop and drawers - Grace
  • 21" TV (with built-in DVD player) -- Victor
  • Heather's Magic Blocks -- Elle's daughter Esther
Heather and her Magic Blocks