Last updated: Sept 14, 2009


"If you believe that you can damage something,
then believe that you can also repair!"
=Rabbi Nachman of Breslov=

Welcome to
Consciousness Repairing Our World


          (Go directly to page for distribution of Heather's possessions
          at: Nothing is ever lost)


          This page dedicated to the memory of my precious darling, Heather Wright.

(picture above taken August 2008)

Heather passed away, peacefully, on July 3, 2009.

A few of my photos from 2005 are posted in: The Woman of My Dreams.
More photos (and a video) will be posted here soon (most likely in October).

Heather's Live Journal page (most of the entries are private) is here.

Finding a good home for Heather's possessions (ie: the page at: Nothing is ever lost)

Heather had a lot of nice things when she passed away and also a lot of good friends. We want to find a good home for everything wonderful that she owned, including

  • lots of nice clothing
  • lots of nice shoes
  • other furniture (including a large IKEA storage unit, closet storage devices and kitchen drawers and countertop)
  • lots of kitchenware and canned food
  • some jewelry
  • lots of knick-knacks and keep-sakes

I (Bruce) have created a web page and wiki with photos and places for public comments at: Nothing is ever lost to help match up Heather's possessions with people. The guiding principle in the distribution will be "to each according to her needs". Leslie and Bill will help see that everything finds a good home. Since I am moving to a smaller apartment, all the big or bulky things need to find a home by Sept 30.

Archive of the original content of was Heather's web site and was mostly active in 1998 - 2002. We lost the info on the page at when we changed internet providers in 2007. However archives of the original content are available on the "internet achive wayback machine" and you can see the main page and some related pages here (with all the distinctive features of web design as were common in the 1990's):